mary-louise-starkey-photoI have been working with and learning about service industry for many years now.  I have watched with admiration, and concern with the amount of commitment, daily effort, and if you will, the blood, sweat, and tears I have witnessed with those learning to serve in the service industry, and yes, also those learning to receive.  I speak to those who are really serving today. Serving as in Starkey’s definition of service “the act of meeting specific expectations, requiring both givers and receivers in the equation for service to actually take place.”

Today I speak to those that are giving in service…

“You are a people of great gifts and should take steps to position yourself correctly. Also be aware that with the gifts you have been given, you also have the opportunity… and responsibility to make a difference with those who have the ability to really receive.

This is way more important than finding the perfect position where you might also hike or swim.  My guess is you will find ways and support for your relaxation where ever you land.  It’s who you serve that will make a difference in your life.  The vibration of some of who you serve today appear to be takers, not persons who are making a difference in the world.  “Be careful not to cast your pearls before those”… It’s a waste of your gifts.

Think of what might be your experience to serve those who are also, making a difference…. As these people will make a difference with all those they touch, including you!

How do you find these people?  The steps have been fine tuned over the years here at Starkey.  We guide students along their individual paths.  An essential part of the process is to “Know You”   This in our world means the following;

Define your morals, values, and personal ethics and why you have these guides in your life?  Next,

Write about your family heritage and belief systems, do you know what they are?  Next,

What do you actually bring to the table in gifts, technical skills, and talents, and have your skills been tried and are they true?  Finally,

What is your service style, that is, what style of environment resonates with who you are and your natural state of being?

Then and only then, will you be able to choose what position is right for you.  When you know for you, you will also be able to see who others are.  You also will know who will be able to value you, and receive!”