Mary Louise Starkey

Mary Louise Starkey
The First Lady of Service
First Lady of Service, Starkey International’s founder and visionary, Mary Louise Starkey, coined the term “Household Manager”, and with it in 1981, she founded the Starkey International Institute for Household Management.    She then set about to create a Private Service profession by opening the world’s first modern day educational Institute for Household and Estate Managers, Butlers, Personal Assistants, and Private Chefs.  Mrs. Starkey began writing for the profession, eventually developing Starkey’s patented ‘Starkey Service Management System’ and software, the world’s first advanced service management tool for Private Service. She has continued to “Set the Standard” for Private Service in Education and in Private Service Placement for over thirty-six years.  Today she has 18 patents, copyrights, trademarks, and publications – all industry directed.  The U.S. Military deemed Mrs. Starkey, the First Lady of Service do to her years supporting and educating their Enlisted Aides who serve the Whitehouse, Admirals and Generals.  Her clientele includes Old Guard Families, Legacy Families, CEOs, Dot-Commers, Entrepreneurs, Entertainment Personalities and Diplomatic Leaders across the country and abroad.

Mrs. Starkey is passionately devoted to changing the outmoded paradigm of “servitude” into “Service as an Expertise,” as well as building a profession that is world-recognized.  In 2007 Starkey was featured in the Wall Street Journal’s Senior Editor, Robert Frank, Best Seller, “Richistan” now in its third world-wide printing, and once again in his 2011 book “The High Beta Rich”. In recent years, she has been a regular media favorite with all the major networks, The Today Show, Good Morning America, the BBC, and with Magazines such as Town and Country, Forbes, Vanity Fair, Costco, and the London Times.

Mrs. Starkey serves the high-net worth and their Family Offices throughout the US, Europe, Canada, China, Anguilla, and India through private trainings, education for employers, public media for openings, staffing of Certified Graduates, and other educational programs.  A dynamic and passionate public speaker and natural storyteller, Mrs. Starkey continues her vision for the art form of service by appearing at international conventions, both here and abroad, at seminars, corporate events and hospitality forums around the globe.
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Mrs. Starkey Writes and Speaks of Service

Starkey Podcasts 

•Guidelines for Serving the High Net Worth!
•Design-Build requirements for staffed Residences and Estates
•For Employers: Managing Staff: Tips for Success
•Corporate Sales and Marketing Personnel learning Service as an Expertise
•Private Service Standards for Residential Communities

Publications and Media

An avid writer, Mrs. Starkey has penned several service related textbooks and guides, including Mrs. Starkey’s Original Guide to Private Service Management, Setting Household Standards for Employers, and Mrs. Starkey’s Nanny Manager. In 1998, Starkey introduced her custom software, the Starkey Service Management Software, based on her patented Service Delivery System.

Mrs. Starkey’s contributions to the Private Service profession have been featured in:

• The Wall Street Journal
• The New York Times
• The Washington Times
• The London Times
• USA Today
• The Atlantic Monthly
• Forbes Magazine
• Worth Magazine
• Town & Country Magazine; additionally on the {rokbox title=|Today Show :: MSNBC| text=|Today Show|}{/rokbox}
• {rokbox title=|Morning Show :: CBS| text=|The Morning Show|}{/rokbox}
• the BBC
• National Public Radio
• Discovery Channel
• Fuji TV
• The Travel Channel
• {rokbox title=|Money Matters :: ABC News| text=|ABC 20/20 News|}{/rokbox}